The Perfect Post Surgery Pet Bowl


Image credit: Corriendo con tijeras

As if having to undergo surgery weren’t bad enough post surgery pets are often forced to wear the dreaded elizabethan collar. Sure elizabethan collars are great for keeping pets from doing things like pulling out their stitches, but as anyone who has ever had a pet who has undergone surgery knows, they also make it extremely difficult for a pet to eat. If you remove your pet’s elizabethan collar than you create an opportunity for your pet to open up their wounds and if you keep your pet’s elizabethan collar on, the collar interferes with your pets ability to access his or her food.

So to help solve this problem, we’d like to introduce you to the Hugx bowl. Continue reading

Purrfect The Way I Am: Introduction To A New Weekly Column

Over the years I have been asked many questions about Moki by people who have been curious to know what life is like living with a differently-abled animal. I have also received several emails from differently-abled pet owners, who prior to contacting me, felt that they were all alone. Thrown into this mix has been the occasional person, rescue or shelter who is experiencing differently-abled pet ownership for the first time. So to help educate people about what life is like living with a differently-abled pet, to show people that they are not alone and to create more of a sense of community, I have decided to create a weekly column here on The Wobbly Cat, titled “Purrrfect The Way I Am.” Continue reading

Fancy Feast’s New “Mornings” Cat Food Taste Test

While attending BlogPaws 2012 we had the pleasure of learning about a new line of cat food which is being released by Fancy Feast. The new line of food is called “Mornings,” and it features a “Souffle with white meat chicken, garden veggies and egg.”

After receiving a sample of this new food, I knew I had to do a taste test. Continue reading

Cool Dishes For Differently-Abled Pets

As I am sure every differently-abled pet owner knows, living with a differently-abled pet can pose a unique set of challenges when it comes to finding products for your pet. Aesthetically pleasing pet products often lack the kind of function needed to accommodate a differently-abled pet and functional pet products are often aesthetically unpleasing.

Case In Point: Moki’s Current Feeding Station

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