Blog Paws Day 1


This evening we attended the Blog Paws 2012 welcome reception where we heard from some of the Blog Paws founders

 and enjoyed some lovely food.

 We also received a very cool Blog Paws swag bag which was filled with lots and lots of goodies!

Here are some of the goodies we received…(note all the bags of Temptations…yum, yum!)

 We also received this cool swag bag from “Natural Balance,” which was filled with lots of goodies for both kitties and doggies…some of the goodies included a tote bag, a pet bowl, measuring cup, food samples and much, much more…

 The Petsmart exhibit was pawsome! They gave us this really cute tote bag and had this fun game set up for us to play in which you spun a wheel and the number it landed on matched up with a trivia question. You then had to answer the trivia question and if you got the answer right, you received a special prize. I won some “Natures Miracle” puppy training pads and when the lady working the exhibit heard that I had a neurological disorder and used them all the time, she gave us a second package of training pads. How pawsome is that!



The Wobbly Cat