Cool Dishes For Differently-Abled Pets


As I am sure every differently-abled pet owner knows, living with a differently-abled pet can pose a unique set of challenges when it comes to finding products for your pet. Aesthetically pleasing pet products often lack the kind of function needed to accommodate a differently-abled pet and functional pet products are often aesthetically unpleasing.

Case In Point: Moki’s Current Feeding Station

  Moki’s current feeding station is functional. It meets all of Moki’s different needs. It’s elevated, so Moki doesn’t have to bend over which is kind of hard for animals such as Moki who have coordination problems. It’s also been made tip proof by filling the bottom half of the feeding station, which was intended to serve as a food storage area, with water.  The weight of a feeding station in turn keeps Moki from knocking his dishes over and spilling all his food and water all over the floor, should he bump into the feeding station itself.

The problem is, why Moki’s current feeding station is both highly functional, particularly for a differently-abled animal like Moki, and cost effective, it’s aesthetically unpleasing to the eye, which is why I was so thrilled when Kate from Moderncat told me about this awesome double wall feeder from Vurv at BlogPaws 2012.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen and heard about wall mounted dishes before, but most were square cut and had sharp pointed edges which could pose a hazard to differently-abled pets like Moki should they fall against them. What makes the Vurv wall mounted feeder so special is it’s rounded corners. The fact that the dish can be mounted to the wall means that you can set it securely at the perfect height for a differently-abled pet and its shape with the rounded corners poses little to no risk to a differently-abled animal should they fall against it while eating.  The Vurv double wall feeder is thus a perfect blend of both function and style and is uniquely suited for differently-abled pets.


Moki The Wobbly Cat

[box style=”light” rounded=”true”]Please note that this posting was in no way sponsored by Vurv or Moderncat. The opinions expressed in this posting are my own and are based solely on my experience of owning and working with differently-abled animals.[/box]