Fancy Feast’s New “Mornings” Cat Food Taste Test


While attending BlogPaws 2012 we had the pleasure of learning about a new line of cat food which is being released by Fancy Feast. The new line of food is called “Mornings,” and it features a “Souffle with white meat chicken, garden veggies and egg.”

After receiving a sample of this new food, I knew I had to do a taste test.

It smelled good, but how would it taste?

It tasted yummy of course! Nom, nom, nom…

So yummy in fact that when my mom told Fancy Feast how much I liked the food they gave her 2 more cartons, or 6 more cans for me and my siblings to try. Of course I gobbled them all up, all by myself, before we got home from BlogPaws. What after being on my special diet for so long…it was too good to share!


Moki The Wobbly Cat


If you would like to try Fancy Feast’s new “Mornings,” cat food be sure to enter our swag bag giveaway. There is a coupon for three free cans of it in the swag bag giveaway!