Greenies Launches New Line Of Cat Treats

If you follow me on my Facebook page, then you know how much I love Greenies. I honestly can’t get enough of them. As most of you know, they are my all time favorite cat treat, so when I came home to find this box of Feline Greenies had been sent to me from the Greenies people, I was in shear heaven!

Included in my special box of treats were five bags of “Greenies Smartbites,” a new line of cat treats being launched by Feline Greenies.  “Smartbites,”  are treats for cats which “provide targeted health benefits,” with the new line including formulas for “Hairball Control,” “Healthy Skin & Fur,” and “Digestive Care.”

Unlike the original “Feline Greenies Dental Treats” however, “Smartbites,” have a hard, crunchy shell, and a creamy inside filling. They are only two calories per treat, and come in three yummy flavors, “Chicken,” “Salmon,” and “Tuna.”

The very best part however is, depending upon your weight and type of cat treat you chose, you can get your human to give you anywhere from 12 treats per day of the “Hairball Control,” formula…

To 16 or more cat treats per day, depending on your weight for the “Healthy Skin & Fur,”

or “Digestive Care,” formulas….

How pawsome is that!

So ok, now that we know that we can get our humans to give us lots of these pawsome treats, the big question remains, how do the treats taste?

They’re delicious!!!! So delicious in fact that I had to tell my sisters to keep their paws off…

Of course now that you have heard all about these yummy new treats I realize that you might be drooling from the mouth, dying in anticipation to try some, so I is going to share with you all how you can get some of your own. Simply click on and order them through our Amazon affiliate links below:


Moki The Wobbly Cat

***Note this post was sponsor by the Greenies people in promotion of their new line of Greenies Smartbites. Also please note that we do receive a commission on the items purchased through the Amazon Affiliate links.  This commission helps to offset the cost of Moki’s medical care and helps to raise  money for Moki’s pending U.S. tour.