Introducing Gunther

This is Gunther everybody. We introduced you to him on our Facebook page on Friday.  Gunther spent the last two nights with us and several of you had questions about Gunther, who he belonged to, what kind of dog he was, and how well he got along with the kitties.  So today we thought that we’d answer some of those questions.

So who is Gunther and what breed of dog is he?

Gunther is a Mini Schnauzer. He is approximately two years old and he lives with my Aunt P., Uncle L., and youngest cousin Casey.

Is this your sick Auntie’s doggie?

No. My Auntie L., is the one who is in the hospital. For those of you who are unaware, my Auntie L., recently underwent two surgeries. One to try and remove the cancer in her lungs and the other to try to get the fluid in her lungs, which was caused as a result of the first surgery, under control.

So If Gunther is not your sick Auntie’s doggie why was he staying with you?

My Auntie P., Uncle L., and cousin Casey live over three hours away from us and thus, three hours away from the hospital were my Auntie L., is being treated.  So instead of spending six hours a day driving back and forth to the hospital, my Auntie P., Uncle L., and cousin Casey, stay over night at our house whenever they come up to visit my Auntie L., in the hospital.

So ok, that still doesn’t explain why Gunther came with them. Gunther came with my Auntie P., and Uncle L., because he had a negative  reaction to being boarded last week. My Auntie P., and Uncle L., had to go out of town last week so they boarded Gunther for four days.  Gunther, who is shall we say rather spoiled, kind of like me, didn’t take to well to being boarded.  He got a really bad upset tummy and my Auntie P., and Uncle L., had to take him to the vet just to be certain that he didn’t pick up anything from the kennel.  Gunther checked out ok, but we didn’t want to stress him out any more, so the Auntie P., and the Uncle L., brought Gunther with them when they came up for my Auntie L.’s second surgery.

What do dear Moki and his sisters think about having a dog in the house?

Us kitties don’t mind having Gunther around. Despite being only a little over 2 years old, Gunther is a really sweet, very calm,  and well trained doggie.  He never tries to chase us around the house and doesn’t so much as even bark at us when he sees us.  In fact about the only thing Gunther would like to do is walk up to us and give us a big lick but  he never does cause he seems to understand that we kitties demand our own space.  Gunther is very respectful of our space. We can lay in the same room together and he won’t so much as bother us. Of course we are always supervised when we are around one another. If there is not someone around to watch us or if us kitties want some alone time then one of us has to go to our own room. Gunther has his own room at our house so we usually take turns spending time in our rooms depending upon our own preferences. My scratching post is in my room so I often prefer to lay in my room during the day cause there is a big glass door which I can look out of.  Thus we don’t mind having Gunther around cause he coexists in our world purrfectly.


Moki The Wobbly Cat