Moderncat – Jackson Galaxy Catification Lounge


For those of you who were unable to make it to BlogPaws this year we wanted to share with you some photographs of the awesome Catification Lounge which ModerncatJackson Galaxy put together.

The lounge was filled, head to toe, with a ton of amazing products, products which we had read about on Moderncat’s blog , loved and really enjoyed seeing in person.

Being able to touch, see and play with the products made the lounge a kitties dream come true and was awesome for anyone thinking about buying a product which was featured in the lounge.

At the close of BlogPaws, all of the items featured in the lounge were given away as prizes! I won this AWESOME Brawny Scratch and Slumber bed.

I couldn’t believe it, I never win anything and this bed is…well, it is simply stunning!

My new bed measures approximately 23″ wide x 22″ long x 10″ high. It’s constructed out of natural western red cedar, which makes the bed very sturdy, and features a solid cardboard padlet which is great for scratching.  I personally enjoy making biscuits on the bed’s cardboard surface…I also love the bed’s high side walls.

Thanks Kate from Moderncat and Jackson Galaxy! I love my new bed!!!