Purrfect The Way I Am: Introduction To A New Weekly Column

Acupoky 1

Over the years I have been asked many questions about Moki by people who have been curious to know what life is like living with a differently-abled animal. I have also received several emails from differently-abled pet owners, who prior to contacting me, felt that they were all alone. Thrown into this mix has been the occasional person, rescue or shelter who is experiencing differently-abled pet ownership for the first time. So to help educate people about what life is like living with a differently-abled pet, to show people that they are not alone and to create more of a sense of community, I have decided to create a weekly column here on The Wobbly Cat, titled “Purrrfect The Way I Am.”

Each week, “Purrrfect The Way I Am,” will feature a new story about a differently-abled pet, with links to that pet’s Facebook page, Blog, Twitter account or website. These links will allow you to explore the story of these pets further should you chose to do so. They will also serve to help connect differently-abled pet owners with others in the differently-abled pet owning community.

The new column will begin this Wednesday, July 18th, and it is my hope that in sharing it with you, I can help you learn more about differently-abled pets.


Crystal J. Fogg

Founder of The Wobbly Cat