Purrfect The Way I Am: The Story of Jerry


Today we would like to share with you the story of Jerry, a visually impaired kitty who lost one of his eyes to Iris Melanosis.

Jerry’s Story As Told By Jerry Himself

My mama adopted me from the Wisconsin Humane Society in August of 2006. I had just turned 7 years old. She was looking for a boy kitty and I picked her! I had been adopted out of WHS once before but I am truly in my forever home now! A few days later mama took me to a vet. It wasn’t the usual vet, but it was a free exam so mama took advantage of it. I had funny brown spots on one of my eyes and mama asked the vet about them. The vet said it was nothing to worry about. A year later mama took me to our regular vet for a yearly wellness exam and the vet was concerned about the spots on my eye. She said mama should watch it to make sure I didn’t get more spots. When we got home mama looked at photos from the previous year and she could see the spots were getting worse. Mama took me to an animal ophthalmologist our vet recommended for an exam. He said I had Iris Melanosis and recommended my eye be removed or I would probably develop cancer. My left eye was removed in March 2008.

My eye was sent to a specialist at the vet hospital in Madison, Wisconsin and he looked at it to make sure I did not already have cancer, which I didn’t. I have adjusted very well. The problems are minor. The whiskers on that side of my face break a lot, but we don’t know why. Since they are short and stiff from being broken, they poke my mama sometimes! The vet thinks I might run into things on that side but mama has never seen me do that. She thinks my whiskers are just weak from the surgery. Also, if I am just hanging around somewhere I don’t see that someone is coming toward me from my left side. I still like to watch squirrels out the window and mama thinks my depth perception is just fine. One time when I was at the vet’s office the vet who had done my surgery came into the room with an intern. She told the intern about my condition and said that doing the surgery was ‘icky’! MOL! I bet it was! Both of my eyelids were cut and then sewn together so they would seal when they healed. I looked pretty pathetic right after the surgery and I had to wear a collar for a while. Mama kept me in a separate room and she slept in that room with me for a few nights. I couldn’t clean myself so mama cleaned me with baby wipes. She held my food and water bowls to my face so I could eat and drink. I have a big sister cat and a baby sister cat and they don’t treat me any differently. Mama says that now she would not hesitate to adopt another one-eyed cat. In fact, she almost did last summer. My sister Mitzi went to The Bridge in May 2011, and mama decided to wait until summer was over to adopt again. But, she kept looking at the WHS website, and one day there was a one-eyed kitten that was available and so mama set a deadline and if the kitten was still there she would have adopted her, but someone else saw how beautiful she was and she was adopted.

If you have questions about Jerry or his condition please visit  him on his sisters Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zoe-Blue/271779576178728