Purrrfect The Way I Am: Gizzmo The Super Kitty

Gizzmo The Super Kitty

To kick off our new column we would like to share with you an interview we conducted with, Gizzmo The Super Kitty. Gizzmo is a wobbly cat.

Image credit: Gizzmo The Super Kitty

Hi Gizzmo, can you tell us a little bit about yourself i.e., a brief introduction to how you got your name &  found your forever home?

Well, I jus bez a kitty, a kitty dat habs a problem walkin around. I lubs to play like normal kittys, lubs to chase da buggys, gets me button rubbed (I habs no tail, jus a button). Iz told Iz a Japanese Bobtail kitty.

I no can jump, I bounce, Dat kind ob like jumpin but I neber knows where Iz gona land. I can climbs a bit, like from da floor to da chair or couch, but dat be bery hard. Just climbin in an out da glass door I falls down lots. I lubs to sleeps on me blanky in front ob da fire place or on dads bed. Hims has to carry me up der cuz I don’t do da stairs bery good. I no need special noms, but Iz do lub da bacon gravy. I eats da normal kitty food jus like all da oder kittys. I habs some problem Drinkin water, Me head bobs a lot soz I keeps dunkin me nose in da water when I drinks. Dad say hims gona gets me da toy football helmet soz I don’t bonks me head so much when Iz fall playin.

Dad gab me dis name, himz says “A Gizzmo be da strange or unusual toy or ting.” When dad first saws me, himz say I be a Gizzmo. Soz I bes da Gizzmo eber since. Me an me two sisters were found in a recycling plant wid our feral mom. We be about 6 weeks old back den. We be on dis conveyer belt hedin to crusher when dis nice man peoples found us. Me mom rand away, but himz took us an gabes us to me dad, and we been here eber since.

Your a wobbly cat is that correct? Can you tell us a little bit about your condition? What exactly is your condition called? How did you get it and what if anything can be done to prevent it?

Yes. I be born with it, let my dad explain..

Gizzmo has Cerebellar axtaxia. This is caused by problems with the cerebellum which is an area of the brain involved in controlling balance and coordination. Affected cats often stand and walk with their legs far apart and may be described to have a high stepping gait (goose stepping). Cats with cerebellar problems find it difficult to make accurate calculations when jumping and so often do this in a very exaggerated way. Tremors, which in some cats get worse when they go to do something such as eating (referred to as an intention tremor), may also be seen. Hers came from her mother, a feral cat from a recycling plant that got Feline Panleukopenia while she was pregnant. The only way you can keep cats from getting this is to make sure they get their shots before they can get pregnant.

Image credit: Gizzmo The Super Kitty

Does your condition require any special medical treatment or accommodation? If so what?

No, nuffin special, jus a people dat lubs kittys. Sometimes Iz fall down in da litter box an me dad gots to clean me up, but Iz gettin better bout not fallin in der, dat be yucky.

Are there other animals in your household? If so how do they treat you?

Oh der be lots ob us here, me dad has rescue kittys, Dey be on Facebook too, dey be da Tiki Bar Gang. Dey gots dat name because most ob dem spendin da day out at da Tiki Bar. Das a place me dad habs. Fur da most part dey be good to me, dey neber know whats I gona do so dey walks around me, hee, hee.. Der be 3 ob dem Iz call da Zombies, dey be Dunn, Ms Button, an CeeDee. Dey be younger den me, but wez plays togeder lots, dey me best furends.

So what is a typical day like for you and your Daddy?

Well you can tells lots from me Face Book page, dat be da Life an Times ob Gizzmo da Wobbly Kitty. Iz runnin fur Presdedent you knows… But normally sleeps da night wid dad or on me blanky, gets up wid dad an gets da noms an gets me pets an rubs from hims. Den when hims at work I plays wid da Zombies, (oder kittys round da house) Snoozes an waits fur dad to gets home. Den Iz goes out back to play in da Grassy Patch, noms da grass, chases da buggys an watch da TV wid dad getting rubs from himz. Den be night, night time, den doz it all again in da morning..

Would your Daddy say that owning a differently-abled pet has been a rewarding experience? If so what are some of the rewards? Challenges?

Well only be me dad here, himz lubs me and da oder kittys. Me sister Keoki habes dis too, she no wobbly, hers just can no jump. Den Scooter da 3 legged kitty, herz lost her leg when just a baby. So der be seberal special kittys here. I tink da only challenge be habin da patients to put up wid us… But wez gibs himz lot ob lubs an make him smile lots.

That’s so sweet of you Gizzmo. We are sure your Daddy appreciates it…

Well it looks like we are about out of time for today so we better wrap things up. Thank you so very much Gizzmo and Daddy for sharing your very special story with us. We are always thrilled to hear that a differently-abled pet has found his or her purrrfect home. 

Note:  For those of you would like to learn more about Gizzmo or follow Gizzmo’s  journey please visit Gizzmo’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/GizzmoTheGreat