Purrrfect The Way I Am: The Story of Tai

To change things up a bit we’d like to share with you the story of Tai, a differently-abled pug.

(Photo of Tai Before Losing Her Eye Site)

Image credit: Risa Lindquist

My Name is Yin Tai Qi but everyone calls me Tai or Tai Tai. Mom named me Yin Tai Qi, because mom wanted to give me a powerful name so that I would grow up big and strong. I am an 8 year old pug dog. I was born in a place called a puppy mill that was in Missouri—it is gone now. My mom’s sister worked at the puppy mill and she found me squished under some other puppies. She saw that my elbows were funny, but the owners did not take me to a vet. When I got older and my elbows were still funny they were going to put me down. My mom’s sister took me and gave me to mom because my mom has good luck with special pets. She said I was mom’s birthday present.

Mom took me to the vet when I was nine weeks old. The vet was very angry, first I thought it was at me or mom but she was angry at my breeder. I was apparently hurt around the time that I was born and both of my elbows were dislocated. If I had been brought to the vet when it happened our vet said “it would be an easy fix.” But by the time I was 9 weeks old the joint was already locked, there is a less than 3% range of motion. The problem that I have could have been fixed and/or prevented if I had had a responsible breeder.

I have another condition that is well, partially my fault—I thought I could beat up a bigger dog and got bit. My eye was injured in the fight and I had to have surgery to save it. While the nice vets were able to save my eye, because I am a pug dog and bracheocephelic (that means my face is pushed in and my nose is short) I have developed dry eye  as a result of the bite and have slowly gone blind. To help treat my eye condition, I get special eye drops.

My Mom also massages, gently bends and stretches my front legs. She also massages and rubs my back and hind legs. It helps a lot. I also take metacam 4x a week. When I was little I had a cart that I pushed but I wanted to be like all the other dogs and they did not have a cart. I learned how to walk on my feet and not my ankles. I can go upstairs and down some stairs. I need help to get up on the sofa and on mom’s bed but I can do most anything my doggie sisters and brothers can.

There are a lot of other animals here- dogs; they are all older than I am and mostly are nice. Snuggles is the one who bit me. (*whispering* I tried to take her treat away) We live with kitties too, they are fun to chase-yes I chase the kitties and sometimes they let me catch them.

Mom and I play dress-up and fashion show. I like to dress up. Mom sings the sexy catwalk song and I run out and stop and turn around to show off what I am wearing.

My mom says that she could not imagine a time without me even when I am not feeling good, sometimes my legs are sore and I just want to hide and sleep. I get to spend my time with mom napping or playing or getting massages. I have a good life.

If you would like to learn more about Tai, or have further questions about Tai’s condition, please contact his Mother Risa Lindquist at: https://www.facebook.com/risa.lindquist