Where The Road Leads…


BlogPaws 2012 came to an official end with a group of us enjoying one final dinner together in the hotel restaurant.

After enjoying a wonderful meal with both new and old friends we said our goodbyes and parted ways with the hopes of meeting up again next year.

Since the cousin had two weeks vacation our original plan was to head on down to New Orleans after BlogPaws ended. Our plans changed however when the cousin learned that a hurricane was headed towards New Orleans. With a new destination in mind we hit the road once again.

We dropped a few hints to see if anyone could guess where we ended up…

and Junior, Orion and Sammy guessed it…

We ended up in Las Vegas!

 My mom hadn’t been there since she was a little child when her family passed through on a road trip and she was eager to see all the hotels she had been hearing so much about.

 While Vegas is most certainly no place to take a child there were a lot of really cool things to see including this pawsome motorcycle which was on display in one of the casinos.

 Our first night in Vegas proved to be an interesting one. We checked into the Westin which accepted pets and was located one block away from the strip. The hotel staff was very friendly and after learning that Moki was a disabled kitty they waved the $150 refundable pet deposit fee which was super nice of them.

At approximately 2:00 a.m. on the first night of our stay the fire alarm went off in the hotel. The fire alarm continued to go off for several minutes before the hotel staff finally got on the intercom and informed guests to stay in their room. Having said that being stuck on the fifth floor of a hotel with a potential fire breaking out is a somewhat scary experience. We awaited another announcement from the hotel staff but one never came and the fire alarm eventually stopped. After all the commotion we finally got to sleep around 4:00 in the morning.

When we finally awoke we encountered another problem while trying to access the Westin’s internet connection. After trying to connect to the internet several times on our own, we called down to the front desk for some help. When the front desk was unable to help us they sent a tech up to our room. It took the tech about 30 mins but he was finally able to get us connected to the internet.  Since the Westin Las Vegas charges approximately $13.00 a day for internet access, they comped us the $13.00 fee for the day do to all the troubles we were experiencing. Connecting to the internet continued to be a problem for us throughout our 3 night stay at the Westin however.

With that said our stay at the Westin Las Vegas was not all bad.  The the rooms were surprisingly well priced for a weekday stay, they accepted pets and the staff was warm, friendly and eager to assist us with all our needs. They even gave us three free bottles of water to take with us on our road trip when we checked out. In addition the beds were extremely comfortable and Moki approved!


Moki The Wobbly Cat